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I’m Talking About Renewable Energy – Can you Hear Me?

Posted by John Kouten, CEO

Jul 24, 2013 5:07:00 PM

John Kouten
Renewable energy companies face communications challenges on two fronts – 1. They must explain how their technology works to the layman and 2. They must show that the technology fits within the political and economic context of our dynamic world.

The goal when communicating to the general public is to inform them about the technology you are offering and demonstrate how it can help them. A difficult task – especially since each group has its own point of view and agenda. For instance, while farmers and landowners both own land, they use it to do different things. Thus, talking to farmers about renewable energy, and how it can benefit them, is different from talking to a landowner. They each have different needs, different financial capabilities, and different goals. Demonstrating your technology's usefulness to each group requires an understanding of their uniqueness.

No matter who you talk to, you will still need to demonstrate your technology's role in context of the larger picture. Sensitivity and understanding of the political context of your technology is just as important as demonstrating its return on investment. The two main questions regarding renewable energy technologies are: Can someone who invests in your renewable energy technology expect a return on their investment in a relatively short time? How easy or hard will this technology be to implement in our current political and economic environment?

These communicationa challenges for renewable energy companies are not insurmountable. Knowing what your technology does is half the battle. Using the right words, at the right time, with the right target audiences, and using the appropriate content deployment channels is the other half. Let us help you tell your story using the appropriate and most effective, measurable and ROI-driven strategic communication tactics.

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