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Renewable Energy Industry: Using Video to Connect

Posted by David Patti, Senior Vice President

Oct 1, 2013 1:33:00 PM

David Patti

As America moves deeper into the debate over new types of energy sources, the renewable energy industry has become increasingly creative in the way it communicates with its audience. Once relegated to the pages of business-to-business media, this new wave of energy communications directly targets the consumer, hoping to change minds and influence behavior. 

In today’s attention-deprived culture, well crafted video pieces are leading the way to help enhance public opinion about some of the most widely accepted forms of renewable energy such as solar, wind, and water. Videos have become important to the communications stategies of renewable energy leaders because they allow companies to get across their message in a succinct and entertaining format -- something long print articles or confusing websites just can’t do. 

I’ve come across three such videos that demonstrate this successful trend in strategic communications for renewable energy companies. 
  • The first video comes from Hawaii Energy, a quirky yet informative take on the savings of solar energy heating. The contemporary styling of the video and incorporation of neighborhood competition help show the public that renewable energy is, in fact, an important aspect of daily life. This encourages people to jump on the renewable energy bandwagon before its too late. 
  • Next up is a video from Green Mountain Energy, showing beautiful nature scenes that people can relate to. The addition of the informative speaker over the people engaging in everyday activities highlight the reality of wind, water, and solar as an ever present concept on earth.
  • I also like this wind energy campaign from DTE Energy because it provides a fun yet highly informative and easy to understand message, "know your own power." The men in the video seem trustworthy and their words are straight to the point, allowing the viewer to become invested in what they have to say.

All of these videos have something in common: they combine a punchy concept with enticing images in a short segment. Each of these campaigns end in a tagline and branding display that allow the viewer to leave with a heightened knowledge of renewable energy and a name to remember. To find out more strategies for your renewable energy company, contact us and we will start you on your road to effective communication.

David Patti

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