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Oct 28, 2020 11:38:07 AM / by John Kouten, CEO

All of our pharma and life science partners constantly struggle to generate links that lead to increased traffic to their websites. These links -- called backlinks -- act like votes from Google and other search engines to rank your website. Backlinks are the key ranking criteria in Google’s algorithm making them a critical SEO asset.

The question then becomes, which backlinks are more valuable? A backlink that comes from an authoritative website is more beneficial than 1,000 backlinks from untrusted websites. The anchor text in a backlink can also impact a website’s Google Rank. Anchor text that uses important keywords rather than just “click here” is more useful. Backlinks that are varied, trusted, and purposeful make a difference in a website’s page rank and therefore direct traffic.

The best way to generate backlinks to your website is through high-quality content. Infographics and other visuals are the most important and effective in generating backlink clicks. A blog post, YouTube video, survey or similar content will also contribute to increased volume of backlinks.

For content to be shared through backlinks and for the traffic on your website to increase, other sites have to post links to your content. Reaching out to companies who would be interested in sharing your content is a great way to increase your website traffic through backlinks. Content that is mutually beneficial and not commercial or promotional is easier for your partners to backlink to. Creating these mutually beneficial relationships will help both organizations and will especially increase useful backlinks.

Backlinks can have a huge impact on a site’s rank. If used effectively, backlinks could make a huge difference in your website’s traffic. Seeking increased web traffic, customer engagement and sales through backlinks? Please contact us ( – we have solutions for every size life science and pharma partner.

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John Kouten, CEO

Written by John Kouten, CEO