Is Your Corporation Lost?

Five Strategic Steps to Improve Corporate Image

Aug 16, 2018 1:36:59 PM / by John Kouten, CEO

corpIn a global sea of thousands of life science companies, getting lost can be easy. It is vital for corporations to develop and maintain a strong corporate image to ensure long-term business success. And, increasingly in a world of constant connectivity, corporations are delivering messages directly to their target audiences. In a recent Forbes survey of 2,500 U.S. adults, on perceptions of 100 corporate brands, Johnson & Johnson prevailed as number one.

This survey ranked perception according to 12 core attributes:

  1. Is honest and trustworthy
  2. Has ethical leadership
  3. Maintains high standards of quality in its products and services
  4. Invests in innovative ideas and research
  5. Upholds transparent communication
  1. Practices Invests in its customers
  2. Dedicated to making communities a better place
  3. Positively impacts the everyday lives of its   customers
  4. Leverages business success and expertise to make a positive contribution to society

    10.Cares about the issues that matter to me

    11.Understands and addresses my unique needs

    12.Genuinely wants to make a difference in the world

To build and maintain a strong corporate image, your company must have value. Companies that are known to provide high value products and services and have loyal customers attract more business.  Companies that are unknown, or worse, have endured crises, issues, or challenges, will struggle to exist. JFK Communications is witnessing clients having product awareness and product loyalty but lack a Corporate image. Following are five strategic tips to improve your corporate image.

  1. Interact with the public

What is your company doing to help the community?  Is the corporation living up to its mission through active involvement and/or charitable support for causes meaningful to your customers  and employees? Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) activities can range from fielding a team for a 5k race to raising funds for a local homeless shelter. CSR must be genuine and should be a foundational element of any strong corporate image strategy.  Document your company’s CSR work. Post pictures and videos on social media and issue press releases. Remember good public relations is earned media, you must put in the effort to gain a positive corporate image.

  1. Tell Your Story

Create opportunities to inform your publics about your commitment to selected causes. Engage senior executives, employers and stakeholders to share their positive experience with your corporation. These communication opportunities can be posted on your company’s website or social channels or featured in targeted earned media. There are numerous tools useful in monitoring and managing corporate reputation metrics online. The Public Relations Society of America (PRSA) has extensive resources to help with corporate reputation management.

  1. Who’s the CEO?

Being as transparent as possible will help increase corporate awareness. The public wants to know who’s running the show. Who is the CEO? A CEO with a strong message will find opportunities to share the good news about their company through a myriad of channels.  CEOs can appear on local media, post information on the company website and can also be invited to blog and write articles for targeted trade media. Some CEOs may also be lucky enough to be invited to deliver a Ted talk. CEOs can also strengthen corporate image by serving on community boards, non-profit boards as well as editorial boards of trade publications.

  1. Partner with influencers

While it is important to own and curate your own messages, as PR pros, we know the importance of external advocates. Seek out loyal partners who share your mission, vision and goals. Invite these influencers to share their views on your blog or on your social media channels.  That’s the beauty of social media. According to Forbes, Influencer marketing is one of the most successful marketing strategies.

  1. Improve your SEO

Most people only view the first few links when researching. To make sure your content gets viewed, use specific keywords that will reach your target audience. According to PRSA content connection, by focusing on keywords that have to do with your industry, accommodate local search, and also through brand-specific search phrases, you can build awareness in a variety of ways.

At JFK Communications we have been helping life science companies large and small, local and international – improve their corporate image for nearly 15 years.  Please invite us to help you build a corporate image strategy that delivers measurable results.

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John Kouten, CEO

Written by John Kouten, CEO