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Sep 8, 2017 8:14:59 PM / by John Kouten, CEO

Your blog size depends on key strategic factors

BLOG-1.jpgWe all know that blogs are a vital component of a comprehensive, integrated inbound life science marketing program. But what is the ideal length for the most effective blog?

  • Is my blog too long?
  • Is my blog too short?
The data is clear – size matters!!

For blog content

Following are a few simple guidelines:

  • HubSpot reports that posts of an average read time of seven minutes captured the most attention
  • The average English-speaking adult reads at approximately 300 words per minute
  • At that reading speed the ideal blog is 2,100 words
  • This matches with serpIQ research which reports that, on average, the top 10 results for most Google searches are between 2,032 and 2,416 words

And Titles matter Too!

It all depends on your goals – SEO or engagement?

Blog title tags of 50-60 characters rank best on SEO

  • This is primarily a function of the search engine results page (SERP)
  • For Google, titles of search results are usually contained at a length of 600 pixels. So, if you don't want your title to get cut off in the search results, it might be best to keep it under 60 characters.

If you are more interested in social sharing, HubSpot, found that:

  • Titles between 8–12 words in length got the most Twitter shares on average
  • Titles with either 12 or 14 words got the most Facebook Likes.

META Matters

A meta description is the HTML attribute explaining a web page’s content. It’s the short description on a SERP preview that explains the page content.

According to Moz, Google cuts off most meta descriptions (sometimes called snippets) after two lines. This, like title tags, may have to do with pixel count. Ultimately this amounts to about 160 characters. You can check your meta description and title tag lengths using this cool tool.

At JFK Communications, we focus on the goals.

When deciding what we want to communicate, we start by asking ourselves what is our goal?

  • If we seek engagement, we prefer longer posts.
  • If we seek social sharing, we prefer shorter posts.
  • And, as we review our analytics, we can determine our ideal blog length based on these goals and the past metrics of each blog.

Please share your insights and experience. And, if you require support, please let us help you develop your blog content strategy.

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John Kouten, CEO

Written by John Kouten, CEO