If You Feel like Something is Missing – Give Something Away

Oct 31, 2017 12:30:30 PM / by John Kouten, CEO

komen-race-image2.pngAs I prepare our JFK Communications team for our 14th year supporting the Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure, I am feeling very privileged. I live in the best country in the world with freedom to pursue life, liberty and happiness. I was lucky to grow up in rural New Jersey in a large family with strong moral values and a stronger work ethic. In additional to many family activities I recall an emphasis on education and A LOT of chores!

But more important, I remember learning about those less fortunate than us. I learned that if we all put our problems in the middle of the table we would fight to get our problems back. We raised money, we walked, we volunteered.

I was born fifth out of six as John Francis Kouten (JFK). John F. Kennedy had just been assassinated, and, not by accident, my name was an homage to this great leader. In addition to his countless accomplishments (e.g., Marine medal of heroism in WW II, averting war with Russia, civil rights supporter, gender equality, etc.) JFK, the president, believed in the healing properties of selfless service.

Politics aside (and any other bias you may have against President Kennedy), I am a firm believer in his vision, which is captured in his famous quote:

Ask not what your country can do for you
Ask what you can do for your country

AT JFK Communications, we understand that our existence is a privilege and our responsibility is to give back wherever and whenever we can – without any expectation of reward, recognition or compensation. This kind of giving is best and feels best!

It seems our news streams contain an ever-widening range of stories about people feeling depressed, anxious, lost. Our society seems to enjoy an ever-increasing array of technologies to improve our lives. But it seems these technologies also serve to isolate, separate, and divide us.

I encourage you all to find a cause that is important to you and show up for duty. You will be rewarded in many unimaginable ways – none of which are financial or monetary.

And if you can’t decide now where to serve, please help us with our efforts to support the Central & South Jersey Race for the Cure.

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John Kouten, CEO

Written by John Kouten, CEO