The Top Four Reasons We Value Online Communications

Communicating online aligns more with the academic definition of communication -- two-way communication that includes delivering and receiving messages. The best online communicators understand this rule of thumb – listening is as important as sharing. In a world where everyone wants to be heard, it makes sense that we have two ears and only one mouth!

With advancements in technology the communication landscape has evolved. While users educate social-media-metrics.jpgthemselves or search for something, they tap away at the keyboard, rather than getting newspaper print on their fingers. Call it instant gratification – you want something, you get it. Also, call it people’s yearning to converse – read an article, comment on it, and have a conversation about it real-time.

But working in the life science industry, with strict regulations, it is not as easy to engage online. Skilled PRprofessionals understand the rules and know how to walk on the correct side of the line. Although, at times limiting, there are substantial benefits for life science companies to implement online communication tactics.

Following are four core reasons our life science clients value online communications:
  1. Accessibility: Online content is accessible by anyone, anywhere, at anytime
  2. Shareability: If you like it, you share it! This is especially beneficial when trying to raise awareness or educate an audience. Online sharing and amplification via each persons “network of friends” is how content “goes viral”—which is vastly more powerful than one person’s rolodex.
  3. Engagement: Merely pushing information out is not enough. Content must be interesting enough to warrant conversation or action. Audiences are not going to share if told, “Share This.” Of course, if the content strikes a strong enough personal or professional connection, it will be shared. The best online communicators develop compelling content for their clients.
  4. Measurability: Compared to static, traditional media, there are many different ways to measure online communication – webpage views, likes/shares/comments, click throughs, time spent on a website, and the list goes on. While a myriad of tools for measuring are available, it’s important to align those tools with your client at the start of a campaign/initiative to determine what constitutes a success.
The net-net is that life science companies are utilizing online communication as an effective surrogate to face-to-face conversation. Skilled PR professionals can help clients navigate the vast “world wide web” to develop accessible, sharable, engaging, and measurable content and campaigns.

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