Top Five Ways to Work with Healthcare Mom Bloggers

Sep 28, 2018 9:35:21 AM / by John Kouten, CEO

mom-blogger2Mom bloggers, considered among the most valuable Digital Influencers, can be a critical component of your public relations and marketing programs. Mom bloggers are particularly sought-after for healthcare opinion leadership since women and mothers drive most of the household healthcare decisions.

In fact, according to 2017 Kaiser Women’s Health Survey, among mothers, about three-quarters report that they are the ones who usually take charge of health care responsibilities such as choosing their children’s provider (79%), taking them to appointments (77%), and following through with recommended care (77%), compared to approximately a fifth of fathers who report they take care of these tasks.  

According to Small Business, mom bloggers mention about 73 brands every day, highlighting their potential value in driving brand reputation and recognition. Partnering with mom bloggers can help you increase engagement, trust and influence with your target audience. According to Punchbowl, 81 percent of U.S. online consumers trust information from blogs.

Following are five useful tips for pitching and partnering with healthcare mom Bloggers.


Determine which blogs deliver the most robust metrics. Utilize websites such as Alexa, SemRush and Moz Open Site Explorer to read blog reviews and to examine web analytics (e.g., site visits over time, site visitor demographics, time spent on the site, linking metrics, etc.). Mamavation provides a list of the top 100 healthy mom bloggers.

Personalize Pitch

Familiarize yourself with a target blogger’s content (e.g., blog roll, Twitter feed, FB page, etc.) before pitching. Knowledge of your blogger’s voice will enable you to personalize your pitch.  This approach will minimize rejection and increase your chances at success.


According to Thrivehive, email is one of the best ways to connect with a blogger because it enables the attachment of content and links to your websites and social channels. It is best practice to email first and follow up with a phone call. In the initial email, provide as much information as you can and mention your objectives.  Whether that's gaining more followers, informing your audience, raising awareness or relaying a message to your audience.

Social Media

Social Media is an efficient and fast way to contact a mom blogger. Mom bloggers have a high presence on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. CafeMom is a great place to identify mom bloggers you might want to engage. CafeMom is a platform for moms to connect, share stories, and receive advice from other mothers. An additional way to reach a mom blogger is through Cision. Cision is a database that provides contact information for bloggers within a specific industry.  

Negotiate Terms

While pitching your target mom blogger, they will explain how they wish to work. Many accept product samples and other financial compensation options. However, the FTC states the blogger must post a disclaimer on their websites informing readers that they were paid or received gifts from any companies mentioned. Some bloggers do not accept compensation because they do not want to post any disclaimers, and they believe it increases their credibility. These bloggers are more challenging to pitch for obvious reasons. According to PR Daily, 90 percent of women bloggers want to work with brands, so long as there is some form of compensation.

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John Kouten, CEO

Written by John Kouten, CEO