The Top Four Reasons We Value Online Communications

May 25, 2017 1:55:48 PM / by Aanchal Desai, Assistant Account Executive, JFK Communications, Inc. posted in inbound marketing, online metrics, social media metrics, online analytics


Communicating online aligns more with the academic definition of communication -- two-way communication that includes delivering and receiving messages. The best online communicators understand this rule of thumb – listening is as important as sharing. In a world where everyone wants to be heard, it makes sense that we have two ears and only one mouth!

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Life Science Companies Should Ride the Social Media Wave or Risk Drowning

May 3, 2017 8:58:15 AM / by John Kouten, CEO posted in social media, inbound marketing, digital marketing


Despite the existence of guidelines, only a few life science companies integrate social media in their marketing mix. Still, others stay away from online and social media completely. The best life science companies know they must catch the digital wave or risk alienating their target audiences and losing ground on their competition. They also know that this wave is large, choppy and complex, so it is wise to wear a life-jacket.

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