Why Your Business Still Needs Press Releases In 2018

Oct 18, 2018 1:21:54 PM / by John Kouten, CEO

AdobeStock_75327892_PreviewPublic Relations professionals often debate if the press release is dead. Many people rely on social media as a primary source for news. According to Forbes, 63% of both Facebook and Twitter users receive their news from the social media. Some companies consider this trend as a reason to abandon press releases.  And, while announcing news on a social channel may be strategic in some cases, well-written press releases are mainstay for corporate news distribution in 2018.

Here are five ways your business can benefit from press releases.

1. Increase Exposure

Press releases are an inexpensive option to gain exposure for your services and products. Press releases provide valuable opportunities to directly reach your target audiences and the media that serve your target audiences. To gain better exposure, offer advice, answer questions and provide links to valuable services or information. Distributing and posting well-written releases increases your chances of being covered by journalists – elevating the credibility of your news. Publishing press releases once or twice a month keeps your company’s visibility high and keeps your company current. Quotes from third-parties increase the credibility of your corporate news.

2. Increase SEO and Web Traffic

Ensure that your press release is SEO-friendly by using specific keywords and phrases.  Populating your press release with keywords will result in greater success with organic online searches. In addition to attracting more views, SEO also ensures the right eyes are on your news. If you are not sure which keywords to use, check out this list from Hubspot.  Don’t forget to include links to your social channels, website and blog.

3. Increase Sales

Press releases can be an excellent tool to drive sales.  To maximize value to individuals or companies, include a call to action (CTA) button or link to website where customers can make a purchase or learn more.  You can also work with your press release distribution partner to test the effectiveness of your press release through geo-targeting functionality.

4. Reach Your Target Audiences

Partnering with a reputable and established distribution partner like PRNewswire is a great place to get help.  After a press release is set up for distribution, it should also be targeted to the appropriate target audiences and media outlets.  Successful targeting can mean the difference between extensive traffic streaming to your commercial webpage or the lack thereof. You or your PR firm should research all industries your company, products, or services apply to before you set your pre-distribution targets.

5. Exploit Multiple Channels

According to WTF Finance, a press release can increase your visibility across multiple media channels by getting picked up and repeated or mentioned by high trust domains like news aggregators and industry publications. When readers share the news in your press release on social media channels, your company online visibility increases exponentially.

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John Kouten, CEO

Written by John Kouten, CEO