GE Healthcare medical diagnostics is a global leader in the development and marketing of radiopharmaceuticals and nuclear imaging agents.  These innovative products enable detection and more precise diagnosis of various diseases including cancer, cardiovascular and neurologic diseases.

As the global public relations agency of record for GE Healthcare Medical Diagnostics, JFK Communications, Inc. provided a full complement of product public relations, corporate communications including issues management and employee communications as well as internal and external KOL development and training.

JFK supported mature brands including:

  • Omnipaque
  • Omniscan
  • Visipaque
  • Optison

 JFK Also supported:

  • AdreView pre-launch/launch
  • DaTSCAN pre-launch/launch
  • CysView pre-launch/launch
  • +PLUSPAK pre-launch/launch
  • Optison re-launch

JFK Also supported:

  • R&D pipeline communications
  • PET franchise
    • Flutemetamol
    • Fluciclitide
    • Fluciclovine
  • Data communications
  • Medical meeting support
  • KOL development

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