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PR Professionals: Know What You Don't Know

Posted by Jessica Stanek, Account Coordinator

Feb 5, 2015 2:20:03 PM

For new graduates, adjusting to the working world compared to the academic world has proven to be more challenging than expected. In the academic world, you go to class and are expected to have the answers for all of your exams and assignments. In the professional environment, there is no way you could have all of the answers, instead you are expected to “know what you don’t know”.
Not knowing how to handle a challenging situation is not a weakness; the weakness lies in not seeking out those who can help you. It is imperative that you learn this lesson sooner rather than later, or you will set yourself up for failure.

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Six Simple Steps for a Path to Success in Public Relations

Posted by Jessica Stanek, Account Coordinator

Nov 10, 2014 1:00:00 PM

I was honored and privileged to serve on a panel of fellow PR pros last night at my alma mater, Rutgers University. Rutgers’ PRSSA chapter convened a panel of working PR folks to share their experience and wisdom regarding the best methods to chart a successful PR career (A surreal opportunity for me – since I was sitting in the audience just one short year ago).

Considering the tight hiring market, I was very fortunate to land a full-time position in a local boutique PR firm only a few short months after receiving my degree. Landing that first job after college was not easy, it took a great deal of planning and understanding of what I wanted for myself as an individual and a professional. Following is my 6-Step plan of what all young PR Pros should follow if they want to position themselves favorably to land that coveted first job.

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The Inbound Marketing Breakthrough in Healthcare PR

Posted by Jessica Stanek, Account Coordinator

Oct 20, 2014 9:12:00 AM

John F. Kouten, CEO, JFK Communications CEO shares his expert insights in the special healthcare issue of O’Dwyer’s magazine, October 2014.    John discusses the advent of inbound marketing and how professional communicators can embrace the seismic shift to reach an audience that wants to listen.


John’s article, “Inbound Marketing: A Breath of Fresh Air in the Stuffy Healthcare PR Landscape” can be viewed here.  We welcome your opinion and feedback. 

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